We believe that science and technology can make life better. We use knowledge to produce high quality preparations. We need to have 100% proof that what we sell is perfect.



We employ high qualified engineers. I our modern laboratory our team invent and innovate every product. After months of tests we can proudly present our preparations. And give guarantee that what you buy is the best thing ever.



Innovation and Technology

We have over 15 years of experience in washing and protecting all types of cars paint. We work and create with passion. That’s why our products are so professional!


Cars deserve our respect

Every car new or used deserve high quality products to wash, care and protect their paint. We  know that a brand new looking car is worth more than a million words.



Tenzi Quartz is a unique formula of high effective components. This rich composition guarantee extra paint hardness, hydrophobic protection, excellent high gloss effect - mirror finish, and many more.


Q1 +

Quartz paint protection, super-hydrophobic

New formula. Improved version of the predecessor (Q1). Protecting layer is ensuring the strongly hydrophobic area which immediately is carrying water from the car body. Q1 + it is a guarantee of the long-term and tough protection against the damp, the salt and atmospheric agents. Impedes deposition of dirt, while facilitating its removal. It creates "an additional layer of paint" to provide strength and resistance of car body. Pulls the color depth and gives the mirror effect.


Quartz wheel rims protection, temperature resistance

R1 is a unique security quartz ,intended only for wheel rims. Its formula provides smoothing and hydrophobic protection. Provides long-lasting and durable protection against dust with Pad Set, moisture, corrosion, fouling, salt and weather conditions. Moreover creating the "protective additional layer" provides strength and impact resistance of stones and light scratches.


Single-component invisible quartz coating protecting glass, ceramic and mineral surfaces

Single-component formulation. After application creates a hydrophobic coating that facilitates the draining of water from glass, ceramics and minerals surfaces. Forming a protective layer hinders the deposition of dirt, at the same time facilitating its removal.


Two-component invisible quartz coating protecting glass, ceramic and mineral surfaces.

Two-phase preparation. After connecting and applied on the surfaces of glass, ceramics and minerals makes them highly hydrophobic properties. Established invisible coating facilitates water drainage from all vehicle windows, mirrors, sunroofs. Impedes the deposition of atmospheric pollutants and exploitation Protects against scratches.


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